Friday, May 8, 2020

Cindy's New Album Part 1

Here is part one of Cindy's New Album. 
Cindy returns the studio after having been dropped by her label for the whole dick stunt on the web talk show. She decided to move to Rose Hills and live there. After securing funding from Bill Sender she returns to the studio to make her next album. 
Bill asks her to include Reily in one of her songs singing back up. Cindy agrees and then finds out how well Reily can sing. Then she finds out Reily can play the guitar, both as rhythm and lead and even play the keyboards. 
Cindy quickly adds Reily to her band and sets out to re-record her already laid tracks. Cindy is going platinum!
Soon you will meet Phoebe the bass player and Cindy's sister. There will be Jenny, Cindy's drummer completing the band. 

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