Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sudden Death

After a sudden and quick illness, my hard drive I have all my renders and work on died. I regret it's passing and will have to move on. I shall not morn long as I get a new one. Alas, ALL my works were lost along with many of my new actors. I have back ups, but since I just moved they were not fully up to date and many of the renders I was working on was not backed up. I'm trying to sort out what I have and don't. 
I'm just wondering if I can restore my Daz Studio inventory again fully. Well it's a good time to clean out my folder anyway.


  1. ah bumma you should be able to go to your purchase history for daz and get it all back. did you lose the stuff from Mistress Sarah and if not can you please do a part 2 with Mistress Sarah and the mother and daughter

    1. I lost all the files for the works I had in progress including the Mistress Sarah ones. I had not backed up any of the raw files, only finished works. The files are a large blob to have to back up, hundreds of Gbs. So it's mostly back to the drawing board.

  2. Damn... I hope you can save most of your work. Good luck.