Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bobbie's Webcast

Well another girl works hard at being a camgirl. Bobbie has been doing pretty well for herself having sex on a cam site. Her mom is also living with her ever since her father tossed both to the curb with little but what they were wearing. 
Jan, Bobbie's mom has watched her daughter fuck dozens of girls on cam and make a tidy sum of money. Bobbie has caught her mom watching her fuck several times. After getting drunk, Jan asked Bobbie if she'd be interested in fucking her on cam. Bobbie didn't hesitate in answering yes. 
Jan wanted a big payday so they could move to Rose Hills, so she told Bobbie she wanted to let her cum inside her on a certain day when she was ovulating. She wanted to have another child and since her husband left she couldn't til now. She wanted to have Bobbie do it and wanted everyone to watch for a big payday.

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  1. I need to go to the library more.

  2. Good story well done

  3. Sick and kinky... I like it.


  4. Very well done, I like both of them and can't wait to see more of these two now that they are moving to Rose Hill's ;)