Friday, January 13, 2017

Slowly Getting Back to Life

I got my new hard drive and I'm starting to restore my files from my back ups. I have all my inventory and most of my charactors back. A few of them were corrupted😭. I'm taking the time now to reinstall my files to make my library more on the neat side, it was horrible before. So that will take me a short bit of time to accomplish. Sadly I lost all the working files so all my unfinished stories were lost. Well, back to the starting board, but new stories are flowing in my brain already. I'll get back to working on them soon. 
I thought I'd let you see a new dickgirl Maisie. She's a bit shy but we coaxed her into poseing for some shots. Her cock is quite thick for her petite size. 


  1. will you still be able to do another mistress sarah and mother and daughter one. hope you can do more with more stories like part 1-5 or stuff like that

    1. Mistess Sarah's file was corrupted after I lost my hard drive along with a few others. I'm not sure why my back up's didn't have a good copy in them.

  2. Very nice addition ;) Can't wait to see her in a story if she can be convinced...

  3. She's smoking hot. What an appetizing body and massive cock!