Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Homeless Girl

This is Wednesday's story. Wednesday is homeless in the great city of Rose Hills, without any hope or food, she needs a bit of rescuing. When the opportunity knocked, Wednesday invites in Chloe her rescuer and makes a bit of cash on the side.

I hope to make a multi part series with Wednesday. This part is available on the story series page. 


  1. Very well done, I like this one a lot....

  2. I love your works, thx for them))) And I would like to try myself in a similar))) Can you help me and tell what program you use to create comics and a couple of lessons to work in this program?)

    1. I use DAZ Studio (free) for the basic poseing and modeling. You can get content from DAZ or other sites. I also use Octane Render to render the pictures. Octane is not free but well worth the money, but you can use DAZ iray to render your pictures for free. It takes time to get familar with the program, you just have to keep at it and you will be getting better. I canhelp you out a bit more if you email me directly I'm always willing to help out others as I was helped out too.