Friday, July 22, 2016

Meet Frankie And A Couple Of Her Friends

This is Frankie with her friends Laura (right) and Cameron (Left). Cameron was able to talk Frankie into showing off her enormous penis to them. Frankie is not at all shy about whipping it out when needed, but she is shy about showing her new friends her macho sized Wang, she didn't want to scare off the girls. It's happened to her more than a few times as she is over 18 inches fully erect and has a incredible girth. 
Frankie finds it hard to find suitable partners as she can't fit into just any girl. She rarely lasts long before cumming as most all pussy feels to tight to her. 

Laura wanted to see Frankie fully erect so she begins to play with her cock.

After stripping down Cameron gets the honor of making Frankie fully erect. 

Laura is eager to suck on the biggest cock in Rose Hills. Despite being so thin she desperately wants to get fucked first. 

Cameron helps guide Frankie into Laura's waiting pussy. 

Soon Cameron flips around and goes down on Laura's wet pussy and lets Frankie get the feel of a really hot redhead's pussy. Cameron takes Frankie in fully after a bit of easy thrusts.

After bringing Laura to several orgasms Cameron feels Frankie's cock begin to pulse and withdraw, feeling it laying on the crack of her ass as it pulses and shoots several streams of hot thick semen, the first pulse hits Laura straight in the face and then it covers her back in the sticky mess. 

Frankie usually doesn't fuck her close friends, in the past, she has lost many close friends after she fucks them, most can't take her girth. Frankie is used to that, but these two seem to accept her as she is. Laura can't get enough of playing with it. 


  1. Very well done, these three are so hot together. I hope we'll see these three again soon in a full story.

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  3. The look on Frankie's face when she's in Cameron's mouth is priceless!