Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mistress Sarah

My new story series is now available on the Story Series page. 
Diane Ryan has been divorced now for 18 years and has been miserable for nearly that long. Diane has always been a submissive in her private life, in public she is a strong leader running Senderland Studios. Diane finally meet who she has needed for years, Sarah Althor. Sarah is a dominant personality and has already gained several Pets in her first year at Rose Hills University. 
Sarah found Diane in need of disipline and they soon hooked up. Diane is now Sarah's Pet and has quickly became her favorite. After learning Diane had a dickgirl daughter, also a freshmen at the University, she told Diane to invite her over. Sarah had plans.
Sarah needed a full time stud to service her Pets and wanted Penny Ryan to be that person. Sarah needed Penny to submit to her and had a plan on getting what she wants.   


  1. Now, THAT was great. You HAVE to make sequels to that story.


  2. make a dream vision of her mare farm ^^

  3. WOW, what an amazingly hot story, I look forward to seeing were this story goes next, as I can't believe you would leave us all hanging.

  4. Happy new year :)
    Great looking new models there Bill.

    1. Thanks Fas! Glad to see ya still around. I worked on new models in the Genesis 3 figures. I really like them and they can also use older props and clothes.