Thursday, December 31, 2015

Introducing: Bridget McDougal

Bridget McDougal comes to us from Aberdeen, Scotland. Bridget attended the University of Aberdeen and got her Masters in Education. Having been the most recognized person in the Aberdeen area due to her dickgirl nature she needed to move someplace that she wouldn't be so noticeable. 
Bridget immigrated to live in Rose Hills and become a teacher at Rose Hills Academy for Girls. Soon she started to miss being recognized all the time and decided to start modeling for Senderland Studios. She is more than qualified to model at the age of 24. She is a bit inexperienced at having sex on camera or in front of others. She has only had a couple of relationships over the years neither of them in Aberdeen, where none of the girls would date her. She has found more acceptance in Rose Hills and now whats to see if porn will get her more notoriety. 


  1. She's so hot and very well endowed, can't wait to see her in future stories.