Tuesday, December 1, 2015

German Goddess Sam Freiderhauf

Talent is hard to find and Sam was no exception. We found Sam working in the Auto Shop at the Academy. After some sweet talking, we got Sam to pose and out in the city no less. Sam, as you can see, is a shower not a grower. We were amazed at Sam's impressive size. She sports over thirteen inches flaccid and gains a couple inches fully erect.
Sam was born in Germany and was raised in a semi rural town. Sam was raised as a boy until she was 12 when she was discovered to be a dickgirl. Her parents had never heard of dickgirls and had no idea Sam was one hence the name Sam. Even as a child Sam liked girly things yet was a true tomboy. She grew up doing sports and anything outdoors. As a boy she was popular in school with lots of friends. 
When Sam entered puberty she was only then told she was really a girl after she had some breast development. After years of fighting her birth cert was finally changed to show she was a female. She lost most of her friends when everybody found out. she kept a close group of friends all the way through high school. 
Sam turned to body building and weights to keep her occupied since she was unable to find dates. She was attracted to girl, yet all the girls there didn't want to be thought of as a lesbian. The one lesbian Sam did finally meet in her senior year and dated briefly, didn't like dicks. Any girl Sam did date ran screaming at the sight of Sam's enormous cock cannon. 
Sam moved to Berlin in hopes of finding a lover. She found few lovers and she turned to sculpting her body to pass the time. Sam finally immigrated to Washoe and settled in Rose Hills after finding a job at Rose Hills Academy for Girls teaching Auto Shop. Sam finally found acceptance for who she is. Sam is a gifted linguist learning English quickly and now speaks it fluently with only a slight accent. 
Just goes to show good talent is as close as your own backyard.