Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Courtney Dangers

I did a quick series featuring Courtney Dangers, The Huntress. Courtney is from an ongoing story line by Kittyelfie on Deviant Arts. http://kittyelfie.deviantart.com 
 The heroes in residence are Huntress (Courtney Danger.  Long brown hair, light skin, wears khakis and carries a tranquilizer rifle.  She’s lean and well-muscled, an incredibly well-hung shemale.  She has heightened strength, and can lift over a ton.  She’s also skilled in forensics, having a laboratory in a room hidden behind a closet in the basement. 
That was taken from her latest installment available from her DA page. I highly recommend reading them. 
In my pictures the Huntress, poses for us with her highly customized tranquilizer rifle. Able to hold 15 rounds custom darts, able to fire with pin point accuracy up to 50 meters able to stop the worst villain with stealth and surprise. 
Courtney is a bit shy about her well hung appendage, but she let loose a bit for us. She did demo her rifle for us by easily taking down the studio's van driver from the roof. Clearly a marksman.


  1. An excellent character, with a magnificent sculptured body. My compliments on her cock. You give us a gorgeous shemale with a huge cock and you spend most of the post writing about her rifle. I would rather dwell on Courtney’s glorious frame and her superb shaft, but maybe that’s because I’m British.

  2. I guess my mind wasn't where it was supposed to be?