Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Trip to the Dean's Office 4

Becky moves in behind Dean Feldman as Bonnie opens herself to the eager tongue. Stacy moans and whimpers as her pussy is pounded by that hard vigorous thrusting. Bonnie's pussy is filled with her cum as she repeatedly orgasms from Dean Feldman's expert tongue. Bonnie figures Dean Feldman is diffently a proficient carpet muncher from a long time ago. the room fills with the scents of sex.
Dean Feldman lays back on the desk spreading herself for the fucking she craves. Bonnie straddles the Dean's face and Becky watches her sister's pleasures as she slides her cock in and out of this soaking wet tight pussy. Becky knows her sisters facial expressions well and she is experiencing multiple orgasms for sure. 
Becky uses her thumb to rub Stacy's swollen clit. The slurping sounds and the wet thwacks of Becky's pelvis slapping Stacy's hips are covered by the orgasmic sounds coming from Bonnie. The muffled fuck noises from Dean Feldman can be just heard, as her body writhes from her own orgasms. Stacy has not been fucked like this ever! Her Ex was not greatly endowed, but Becky is! Stacy can barely control herself at this point. 
Bonnie weakly struggles off the Dean's face and into the chair. Stacy nearly collapses onto the floor but manges to stay upright. She grabs Becky's cock and finally gets to suck on it. She can taste herself all over it. Her hand strokes the rock hard shaft. Stacy is amazed at how hard it is. She looks up seeing the pleasure on Becky's face. She knows it won't be long til she cums....

More to come...


  1. Dude, you're cranking out renders like a machine! I'm impressed. Do you have a dedicated computer for rendering? Also, I love this story with the Dean and the twins!

  2. I'm Working on building a small render farm so I can render faster with LUX. I have currently 3 computers rendering full time, with a 4th part time.

    1. Wow! That's an awesome setup. A dream for most 3dx artists.