Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Olivia Dillon

Olivia Dillon

This is Olivia, she has been going to Rose Hills for only a year now. Olivia is a very quiet and shy girl, yet she has a love for showing off her body she works so hard on. Her best friend, Wendy, told her about Senderland Studios after Olivia asked her how she always had so much cash on her. Wendy introduced her to us and we got these photos of her. 
  She ran away from home when she was 13 and lived on the streets and in the forest til she was nearly 15. She made her way to Rose Hills by the time she was 16. A church group took her in off the streets  and got her cleaned up and her head on straight. The church has a good relationship with the Academy and she was enrolled on a full schorlarship. She has been a straight A student ever since. She is currently taking additional courses so she can get her diploma and hopes to do that by the time she turns 20 next year. 
Needing and extra source of income she now will be posing for us and might even star in a few videos. She has reservations about getting used by such huge cocks. 


  1. She's pretty cute. Love that pubic heart too!

  2. Another character who desserves a comeback. Love her face and body.

    1. I really love this character myself but she is based on a older model base. It is hard to work with as I don't have a lot of inventory that fits her and her vagina doesn't look the best as new models have some onto the market.