Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Introducing Roxy

  I am pleased to give you a glimpse of our newest model Roxy Robbins. Roxy just transferred to Rose Hills Academy for Girls to complete her senior year and to attend the new college courses offered at the academy. 
  Roxy is a trust fund kid, but can't access her funds until she is 25. Her father won a big insurance settlement from her mothers untimely death in a electric car demo vehicle she was working on. Along with the life insurance, the company she ran as CEO also paid off handsomely.  Her farther also is an CEO of another fortune 500 company and put all the money into a trust for Roxy when she turns 25 until then she lives off her fathers income which is considerable. 
  Roxy's father remarried to a woman not much older than Roxy and she got jealous of 'daddy's girl'. Roxy was already in a prestigious boarding school, but was always getting into trouble. She got expelled from three other schools so this was her last chance. Her step mother found Rose Hills and got her a student visa, so she is now enrolled at the Academy. 
  Soon her credit cards were cancelled and she was told in no uncertain terms by her step mom to get a part time job to earn her spending cash, above and beyond what she gets for regular expenses. 
  Roxy did a bit of modeling before but never like this. Her best friend at the academy, Wendy, told her about this web site and introduced her to Bill Sender. 
  Unsure about her willingness to pose nude Bill took some test pictures before setting her up with a opening photo shoot. It also seems odd that she discounts dick girls as being a photo shopped hoax right along with zombies and aliens. I'm sure Bill will set her straight about the girls. 
 Who should she get a photo session with? Kari, Grace, Hannah,Violet or maybe Carly? Leave a comment on who you might like to see.


  1. How about her with Hannah?

  2. Wow what a face, she has a look that could kill or put you into submission very quick. Would love to see her do a car shot with one of your models, lets have some fun!