Wednesday, February 26, 2014

 The girls arrive at the pub a couple hours before closing. They begin drinking and enjoying the
music and the girls. Lily and Carly giggle and chat and enjoy each other much like BFF's. Carly
eyes the Redheaded bartender all night. Lily askes Carly if she likes her and of course she does.
Lily gets an erotic thrill when she asks Carly if she'd like to fuck her. Carly hesitates but
horniness wins out and she finally admits she'd love to fuck her.
  Lily makes it clear that the bartender is the owner Kimberly, and she is going to be a present to
Carly for being the first student teacher Rose Hill's has ever taken in. She wants her to feel at
home here.
  Carly and Lily flirt with each other till closing time came. The doors locked Kimberly clears the
table and climbs up dancing for her special guests. Kimberly's body is tanned and her tits are to
die for. Perfectly firm and shaped. Carly's eyes lock on her as she dances for them. Lily had told
Kimberly before about Carly's impressive condition. Kimberly hasn't gotten laid in over two
  Kimberly quickly gets turned on as the girls watch her. She sees Carly shifting in her seat, and
smiles having seen that action many times on guys that get her dances. Kimberly smiles knowing
the place is closed and anything might happen now. Lily throws out large tips and offers
Kimberly 5000 dollars for a VERY special dance for the both of them.
  Being behind on her rent money she takes the offer having already decided to give only her
second ever SPECIAL dance. This time she will make sure she enjoys her former classmates
charms too....

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