Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Carly and Lily #1.5

I have a follow up to the first part of this series. 
Two days later after Carly gets back from her photo shoot. Carly makes breakfast for her niece Polly. Polly is staying with Carly and Lily as she attends Rose Hills University. Polly knows all about her Aunt Carly, she has been collecting every clip and video of Carly online. She wants to experience the thrill of her aunts phallus. After seeing Aunt Lily fucking a stranger on the couch, she wants to feel out Aunt Carly's ideas about infidelity. 

Available on Story Series page.


  1. Hi bill,
    Im huge fan of your work with 3d futas, the story line is amazing too
    I want to know about some fetishes maybe you like or not just asking :3
    What about cum inflation (not to much) and maybe stomach bulges ? Those girls have huge cocks u know haha
    Hope u can respond me :3

    1. I'm not much into cum inflation. My fetishes are pretty much represented in my works. I like to keep to realism in my works as much as possible. I dabble into other fetishes when the mood hits. I always listen to suggestions. What fetishes are you into?