Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Horrible News

As usual, Microsoft's attempt at making a good OS failed again. The way they do updates is to roll them into a huge file so you can get all your back updates in one shot. Nice if your way out of date. I had a update that refused to install and I had no idea which one it was nor could I bypass it. So after 3 months of no updates and thousands of reboots, many at the WORST time, I had to try and reset my windows machine Microsoft's way, BAD IDEA.
I was stuck with a non booting machine. I had to get a copy of the OS and reinstall from the beginning. That destroyed all my settings and how my programs were. Now I had to rebuild from scratch. I didn't lose anything data wise, but DAZ and Octane aren't working the same as they were before. CRAP!
It's not appearing I can continue on with the series I was working on, I will have to re texture nearly all my sets and they might not be identical to the original ones. I still have a couple series I have ready to release shortly, but a couple back stories of a couple new actors will have to be redone. So this puts me back a bit. 
If DAZ would work smoothly on Linux I would have been using it along time ago. 


  1. That totally sucks, sorry to hear about your issues. I just went through the same thing with my laptop, had to reaload from scratch and reinstall all programs, which I am still finding ones I'm missing. Good luck and we'll be here when things get back to normal for you.

  2. That sucks, I´m sorry, bro.


  3. Oh that's the worst thing to happen. Just a small hint: for situations like that I keep a large enough USB HDD around. So I can boot up a live linux and backup the whole system HDD using GNU "ddrescue". This might have saved a lot of settings and work.