Sunday, August 13, 2017

Carly's Little Secret Re Envisioned

Do you remember this picture in the beginning of my blog? The top is the poor original DAZ rendered model. I recently went looking for one of my first series 'The Contract' and found it missing off my Google drive and off my hard drives and I found this file. Just for kicks I re rendered it in Octane and a few minor adjustments. This is more how I wanted it the first time. 


  1. What a difference! She looks incredible now; I love the texture of her cock.
    I'm sure she'll stay in my head for a while!

  2. Amazing difference, so much more life like and the texture drastically improved, you did an amazing job.

  3. both look good but the bottom one looks real good.the penis is not the usual size you use which are way to big, I can't remember the last time you had the penis go all the way in