Thursday, February 4, 2016


Today we meet Monique, an 18 year old senior at Rose Hills Academy. She came to us looking to make it big in modeling. At first she only wanted to do bikini work, but then after we explained what Senderland Studios does, she relented and the clothes came off. Surprisingly, Monique was totally at ease being nude in front of the crew. Monique was hesitant at wanting to work with our dickgirls. When it was explained that we don't usually employ dickgirls with less than 13 inches and most our girls sporting more than 15 inches, her eyes grew wide and she gasped in awe. If Monique sticks around, then I think she will get big in porn.


  1. Very nice, she's both beautiful and sexy!! I hope that we will be seeing her in one of your stories soon!

  2. Yes, she looks very nice. I´d like to see her in a story, too.