Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bridget and Fiona McDougal

Bridget brought in her younger sister Fiona to the studio for a few pictures. Bridget and Fiona have been on their own since Bridget was 17 and she had to take care of the both of them with only a little help from their relatives.  After amassing a large sum of student loans and graduating from the University of Aberdeen, Bridget took a job at Rose Hills Academy for Girls as a teacher. After a year of teaching, Fiona finally turned 18 and graduated from a local Aberdeen high school and Bridget immigrated Fiona to the country and brought her to Rose Hills. In order to pay for all this, Bridget had to exploit her natural gifts and turn to dickgirl porn. Now Bridget has been able to afford to enroll Fiona into Rose Hills University. 
Having found out Bridget was a porn star and making lots of money, Fiona decides to ask Bridget to get her into the business. So today they find themselves in the studio and decide to take a few family pictures of them nude. 


  1. Wow nice pics!
    I would love to see them compare their lovely cocks :-)

  2. Very nice, they both are very sexy, I hope there will be a story that includes these two ;-)