Thursday, April 30, 2015

Phoebe Olsen

Phoebe Olsen

Phoebe poses just after she played with her cock making it longer yet still flaccid for these pictures. 

Phoebe was referred to us actually by her parents. She is the offspring of a dickgirl and female relationship. Pheobe is the so called second generation dickgirl a rare birth indeed. The usual offspring of such coupling don't have cocks unless they are males. Phoebe proved that the dickgirl trait instilled in humans can be passed along. 
 The rare event also changes the usual two growth periods dickgirls go through as their penises grow to their full sizes. Phoebe only had one, it came later than normal but was twice as intense as her cock doubled in size in a matter of a few weeks. She is also fertile all month long and not in cycles as most dickgirls, but she can't produce the massive amounts of semen as the other dickgirls she can still produce a generous amount. 

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