Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Olivia's First Shoot

Here are some of the images captured during Olivia's first paid shoot for Senderland Studios. " I can't believe that anybody wants to see me naked. I have no tits to speak of and I'm not that attractive." said Olivia durning her interview. She hadn't even concidered modeling before, but now she might decide to do more than just model solo. 
  We asked her if she likes other girls and she blushed bright red as she nodded. When we asked if she might like working with some of our dickgirls, she became very nervous and said she'd like to start off slowly. She has had a 2 male lovers in the past and wasn't sure about taking on 13+ inches of hard meat just yet. She did agree to pose with some of our girls though. 


  1. She's got that innocent "girl next door" look about her. Can't wait to see her first photoshoot with one of your futa characters.

  2. I have to take it slow with her. She's is innocent. She seems interested in other girls. Might book her for a g/g scene, then coax her into a futa on girl scene.