Friday, November 14, 2014

Dear Bill,
 I am sending you a couple photos of me. I hope you might consider hiring me for your website as a model. I currently work as a dancer at a local club and you recently hired two of the girls here. Let me tell you a bit about myself.
 My name is Grace Miller and I am 26. I hope I’m not too old for your site. I have red hair and green eyes. I have a perky C cup breasts that have not sagged any, they are firm as ever. I sport a generous cock so I will fit in well with your other models. My cock is 10 inches flaccid and 13 ½ inches erect and 3 inches thick.
 I do have to admit now that I am not so experienced with sex in front of a camera or others. I do dance naked in front of an audience, so I am not shy about my gift. I am not involved with anybody and can have sex whenever you require it.
 I grew up in the foster care system. My parents were killed when I was a baby. I grew up thinking I was a boy until I entered puberty. I turned into a cute little girl. I always liked girl things. When I started to develop breasts I was taken to a state doctor and was tested and they told the foster care workers I was a girl.
 I was moved from home to home and I was then raised as a girl. I was a bit sheltered at first. I was placed with 8 families over the years so my life was a bit chaotic. As my puberty progressed my penis began to grow longer. When I was in high school my cock was over 6 inches long flaccid. It grew even more during my years at school. I was at my 10 inch mark in the 11th grade when it finally slowed.
 I was always naturally skinny. It was very hard to hide a huge bulge in my pants. I wore a lot of skirts and baggy pants. Now I am proud of what I have. I want to share my gift with the world through your web site.
 I hope you will respond positively to this unsolicited job request.

                                                                                          Grace Miller


  1. My goodness. You know as amazing as these giant dicks look, i doubt there's many women out there that could handle something that big. Or so i'd imagine. Apparently there really is a guy with a 13 inch penis.

  2. Well that's the trend with futa/dickgirls. They have larger than usual phalluses. I do have a back log of willing girls ready to be ruined by one of these monster pricks. I think they are redefining ave size here in this little world.