Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Cast: The Franklin Twins

The Cast:
Becky and Bonnie Franklin

Becky and Bonnie Franklin

We got the girls to pose for us in the brisk winter weather. It was about 40deg F out in the local park. The girls were very good sports about the nude shoot being so cold. We got some VERY good pictures from the two. Here Bonnie is playing with Becky's massive cock. It's no where near as long as her half sister Carly's cock. She still has a very impressive 12 1/2 inches, but she takes the prize for it's girth. 
In this shot we see Bonnie slowly stroking Becky getting her hard. Bonnie knows that we want to see her sister's rock hard cock. 
Bonnie and Becky Franklin are half sisters with Carly Green.

* There will be more shots to follow with these two.*

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