Friday, September 5, 2014

Introducing Hannah Grey

I am pleased to officially introduce Hannah Grey. This pint sized powerhouse packs a whopping 16 inches of pulsating meat. She easily takes the crown away from Carly Green for cock Goddess. She is starring in her own series, Part 1 is already out. She is eager to star in more shoots. She is willing to play different roles in her series. 
She confessed to us in her initial interview she is quite shy off camera, but on camera she's is the best girl to work with. She has not been in any relationships since her 'talent' began to grow wildly when she entered puberty. Her jaw-dropping length finally reached it's limit when she turned 18. 
She found our website and applied knowing we loved well hung dickgirls. She feels comfortable working with our ladies as they love hard hung beauties. She is quickly gaining a long list of our girls wanting to star with her. 


  1. I don't think we will be seeing anything longer than Hannah's. It seems her dick can't get rock hard like Carly's does, but she's a find isn't she?