Thursday, May 7, 2015

Simone Cypher

Simone Cypher
This is Simone and she happens to be Bill's childhood friend and near sister. Simone grew up in the same house as Bill. Simone's mother was Bill's father's personal assistant and Mistress. They came to Bill's fathers employ when Simone was 5. Since Bill was home schooled by the best tutors Bill never had many friends. Even though Bill is 5 years older than Simone they became as brother and sister. 
  The pair was almost never apart until Bill went off to college. There was diffidently a romantic side to their relationship. Recently Simone and her daughter Rachel has moved to Rose Hills. Simone became pregnant with Rachel when she was 16. Simone finished school and went on to graduate law school and get her degree. Now she is in Rose Hills to begin work with Lily's law firm and to see her near brother. 

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