Thursday, November 7, 2019

Daisy and Mom Part 2

Here is part 2 
Bobbie comes to visit, it was her birthday the other day and she gets a belated birthday gift along with helping celebrate Daisy's new condo.


  1. Best one ever. And there is going to be a third part, did I get that right?


  2. Great, looking forward to it. As I said, this story is very good. And I wanna complement two things:
    1. the bodies of the ladies look great, in all these years you made changes, I remember the bodies were very muscular in the early works. Nowadays they are much smoother, that looks good.
    2. The background: for me it looks like you put quite some effort in the backgrounds, like wallpaper, mirrors, windows, vases etc. Good work in my opinion.


  3. Bill,

    I've been a fan of this site and your drawings for quite some time however I wanted to pass on some feedback with regards to the latest story line. One thing in particular with the illustrations:

    The Cock - Too fake with this set in my opinion. It needs more girth and reflect a REAL cock. The shaft length is fine. Have you thought about mixing things up and creating a new character with an uncut cock? I'd like to see that.


    Roger L.

    1. I guess you would be referring to Daisy's cock. I'm trying to reflect different size cocks. Not everyone can have a massive girth but I do get what your saying. I have tried to use uncut cocks before but the model I'm using just doesn't look all that great.