Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Shooting Mom

Things get a screwed up when your model doesn't show up for your photoshoot. Jack had this exact problem. He needs to photograph a sex scene for his photography course. It's nice having a dickgirl for a sister who is willing to pose for you, but you have to hire a model to get fucked. Jack was in a panic and turned to the only hope of getting his project done on time, his mom. After a bit of fast talk he convinced her to pose for him and get his required facial for a passing grade. 


  1. For this story I wanna compliment your work on the details: the ting with the tattoos on the daughter and the slight freckles, that´s real detail-work. Well done.


  2. Yes, that tattoo is gorgeous. But are the images a little dark? They look so to me but maybe my computer. Still, great work, maybe expanded into a story someday?

    1. It is a series available on my story series page for download.

    2. D'oh! Should have looked there, thank you!