Thursday, May 2, 2019

A Little Carly and Lily

We get a couple of shots of Carly and Lily. I'm working on a series or two with these two and more. One of them is definately on the edge of good taste, well depends of your taste. I'll post it here when it gets finished in the near future and you can decide if it's to your tastes or not. Let's just say it's years in the future and Carly and Lily have a family. A bit of a tease. 
I'll have a few more series posting soon. 


  1. YEAH!!! Looking forward to those stories. Thank you.


  2. This's been nagging at me for a while, and is a rather self centered ask, but could you number the first nine images in your image sets 01-09? Otherwise the images are out of order when reading the compressed zip folder. Goes 1, 10-19, 2, 20-29, etc the way you've been naming them. (also visible from how the google doc download lists them. Guess this is a bit of minor OCD for me.)