Thursday, May 31, 2018

Amanda and Her Mom

Amanda and her parents just moved to Rose Hills so Amanda could be with other girls just like her. Her father works hard and is frequently absent on business trips abroad. Amanda's mother works part time so she can be with Amanda when she's not at school. 
The prom is coming up soon and Amanda has a date to go with her. She needs her mom's advice on her clothes and she wants to be sexy. Her mother gives her some lingerie and Amanda tries it on.

The story is available on my Story Series page.


  1. Good stuff. Nice one.


  2. looks good. I am still really hoping for a Mistress Sarah part 2 any chance you are working on that ?.
    would it be possible please for a all your works including gifs/one offs tests in a download link please, if you use a site called mega people can select what files/images they want to download or you can download it all if someone wants like I do thanks really hope you can do this.