Thursday, March 29, 2018

Unexpected Downtime

Well after all the trouble of rebuilding my computer, I found out it was my graphic card. My expensive gtx 980ti. Granted it's older but I only had it less than two years. Thank God it was still under warranty and I'm able to send it in for a replacement. So in a few weeks I should be back up under full power again. Until then I'm using a couple gtx 970 I had.

Looks like it's more than the power supply. Looks like unexpected upgrades.

Looks like I'll be on a mini vacation for a few days. Seems my power supply, That's what I think it is, took a dump. No power to my main machine. So I have to wait to get a new one delivered, hopefully in the next couple days.  Now I have to fire up my Mac to do my other computer stuff. Aww well.

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