Thursday, September 28, 2017

Grandma's Offer is now Available

A new series is now up. Anne and her friend Tamara are trying to get Anne's grandmother Eleanor to come to work for Senderland Studios. Bill has wanted to do a few videos with an older dickgirl, and Anne suggested her grandmother. She used to do porn films back when it was on film. She was the top grossing actress doing porn back then, when dickgirl porn was even more taboo than incest flicks. 
Is she convinced to do them? 


  1. Nice, very nice. Good story with the potential for sequels. Since we´re on the topic DP I´d like to repat myself: how about a threesome story with Carly, Lily and their maid - or some other dickgirl ?


  2. You think this is because everyone was talking commenting about it or what?

  3. I love that Eleanor hides it so well in the first 8 pics, until the BIG reveal. I also like the way they sit naked together discussing cock size, before getting down to it.