Friday, March 24, 2017

Jamie's Midnight Workout

This is Jamie, she has been into fitness since she was 11. Jamie has a problem though, when she works out, she gets an erection. Jamie had issues with most of the gyms back where she used to live and was kicked out of most of them for her obsene bulge, like she can help it! Since she moved to Rose Hills to attend the University, she found the University gym open 24/7 and she can work out alone after hours. Between Midnight and 5 am it's nude workouts for the members. So be sure to wander in there sometime. 


  1. Excellent idea this young athlete, can be make him do some exercise with his big cock with weights

  2. Would love to see some stories with Jamie in. Great character!

  3. She's pretty hot and fit, I trust we'll be seeing more of her and the nude workouts by others at the gym at Rosehills ;)

    1. Most of the girls love to work out so very possibly