Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Offer

The Offer is now available on the story series page. 
Heidi's parents Paul and Tammy ask her over to discuss an important proposition. They have need for her gift. See what happens in the download.

**Please not there are some errors in some of the renders. I wasn't going to offer this for download nor post it, but I was talked into it anyway. Please enjoy it as a story and not for the mistakes. It's been finished for a while now and I showed it to a friend and they said I should post it anyway. **


  1. Sick... and I like it.


  2. Very well done, I like this story a lot and hope we'll see more of these three...

  3. when is the next one coming out ?

    1. I have a couple more series finshed rendering and just have to do the post production work on them. I should have something up shortly.