Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Heidi "I'm NOT a boy!"

Recently a new girl came to us with a rather unique talent. Heidi is able to work her huge cock some and coax her full length out of her shaft and yet not become fully erect. This is a huge boon for any photographer to have in a model. 
Heidi is slim and petite and she told us that she used to cut her hair short and she was often mistaken for a boy. She works out constantly wanting to stay fit and trim. This is Heidi's first year at Rose Hills University and like all the well hung dickgirls they gravitate to Senderland Studios to make a few extra bucks and admittedly, bragging rights around campus. Just like with all men, size does matter. With all the dickgirls around in Rose Hills, Heidi gets self conscious, but she is in the top percentile in the cock size department. She has nothing to worry about. 
We tried getting Heidi to do some videos, but she is unsure about it. She doesn't think anybody wants to see a skinny girl with no tits looking like a boy fucking hot models. WE are working on her....


  1. Picture 5. Wow!

  2. She looks very sexy, I hope she will be added to a story soon ;-)

  3. when can we expect a full new one ?