Wednesday, November 4, 2015

...And Now We Know!

Betty Harper has been a teacher at Rose Hills Academy and University for several years now and while everyone knew she was a dickgirl, nobody had a clue as to her size. Betty is a very thin woman yet she has hidden her dick from everyone for all this time. Betty is very shy about her cock, she thinks she is a freak and doesn't want people to know about her deformity. 
Along comes a vibrant redhead named Wendy, getting assigned to be Betty's teacher's aide. Wendy is getting extra credits on her University work to help back at the Academy. Betty teaches a bunch of ninth graders History. While grading papers, Wendy noticed Betty's glances and she begins to flirt with Betty until she noticed an uncontrollable erection under Betty's clothes. 
It didn't take Betty long to break down and allow Wendy to pull out her circus freak like cock. Betty was embarrassed yet she couldn't help herself, it had been years since the last person had seen her cock, and that one had left in a hurry as she got erect. This time, Wendy didn't leave she was in awe of how long she was nearly along as Megan. 
Wendy began to wonder how such a thin teacher could hide this much meat and nobody knowing! When Betty told her that she hadn't had sex in nearly five years Wendy knew what needed to be done.


  1. Very impressive, can't wait to see what happens next.

  2. This was a concept render. I do want to develop the story line. Another one on my list to get to.