Monday, October 19, 2015

Outdoor Fun

Kahlan and her new friend Paul take a break and have a bit of outdoor fun. 
These are renders I did to check out my new model thought I through them up anyway.

I just got a new male model finally! The old ones I have really suck in close ups in most lighting. So with this new base figure I can expand the males some. They don't usually play a large role for Senderland Studios but I do like to use them on occasion. I have a couple series I want to use them in. 
I have several series underway at this moment. I always seem to wander off to start new ones without finishing up the ones I already have started. ADHD huh? Maybe. They will be finished sooner or later. I have a couple short series due out soon. I working on the idea for my next long series. I have tons of random concepts to ponder over looking for the right one I can do long form on. 

Here is a one off I did with Zoey, Carly and Lily. This one intrigues me and I might do a series based on this render. 


  1. Love this and yes I think you should create a series based on the Zoey, Carly and Lily render that would be so hot!

  2. That's just her getting warmed up, too.