Thursday, July 16, 2015

Meet Megan King

Meet Megan King. She has been dating Rachel Sender for a few weeks now. They met at the Rose Hills Academy for Girls orientation for new students. They need to finish up the last semester so they can graduate. Both girls scored nearly perfect scores on the entrance exams so they were able to start classes mid year. 
 Rachel is still on a happy trip in her own mind now that her mom finally married Bill after hearing about Bill non stop for 18 years! She is happy to finally have somebody to call dad. Now she is seeing this incredibly sexy dickgirl Megan. Rachel has always been attracted to other girls, now she finds herself in love with a dickgirl. She had never even seen a real dickgirl til she moved here and started to hang out with Bill at the Senderland Studios photo studios. 
 Rachel figured out Megan was a dickgirl, it's rather hard to hide the bulge. Megan never drew attention to her package and just wanted to be Rachel's friend. Megan had no friends to speak of growing up. Her family moved from place to place before finally settling down in Rose Hills. When her second growth occurred Megan's sister took things into her own hands and started to work on Megan's penis. 
 Research showed when you start your second growth, if you get frequent erections over a couple weeks, it will stimulate more growth faster. Megan's sister gave Megan persistent erections every couple hours, also stimulating the production of semen. Megan was forced to have sex 12 to 14 times a day. It's hard to tell if it worked or if Megan was just well blessed but she is now well over 16 inches taking the title of longest cock. 
Megan is still very shy about her length. She thinks of herself as a freak even for a dickgirl. Now she is out on a date with Rachel and they pull over to 'talk'. Megan wants to get work at Senderland Studios and she figures Rachel might help her get an interview with Bill. 

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