Friday, June 20, 2014

Change over?

  I have been using Daz Studio to produce my work and after about 8 months I kinda got some working knowledge of it. I'm comfortable using it and I'm refining my work in it. I bought Poser 2014 shortly after I began this endeavor into 3d artwork.
  I couldn't get Poser installed or working correctly on my Windows machine. I shelved Poser all this time thinking I might try and get it working at some point. I recently got a Mac. I wanted to switch over to Apple cause I didn't like the fact Microsoft seems to be forcing people to use a  touch and tablet OS. I'm useing Windows 7 and like it, but I digress. I was able to install Poser just fine on the Mac.
  Now I have the same friggin issue on the Mac as I did on windows! Daz doesn't like the Mac at least for me. It is installed correctly and runs but files are missing even though I moved over the entire libary. I'm still working on that mess. My laptop is my main production machine and is still just fine.
  Anyway, since Daz is not working correctly on my Mac I can't open and convert my charactor files over so Poser can open them. It seems at this point I have to redo my charators. I still have a learning curve with Poser. I still have a series or two left to render on my old machine. I hope to begin working with Poser soon. So my main actresses might change looks some. Poser seems to be so much better than Daz so I hope to expand my knowledge getting used to it. I'll have to work through my mistakes all again.
 I can't seem to import Daz things into Poser. They are not playing nice and I can't get DAZ running correctly on my Mac!..OMG...I can't get the Dson converter working right so I don't have any Genisis figures I can use. I have to remake my main charactors..that is a test I ran on Poser>reality>Lux. I like how it came out actually.


  1. From what I understand, it's easier to export things from Poser to Daz than the opposite. Then again a LOT of 3dx artists use poser and swear by it, so maybe this is for the best.

    I still use generation 4 models myself and see no reason to invest in any of these newer ones daz is churning out. Was Carly made with Genesis as the base model?

    1. Carly's actually a Victoria 4 model.