Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lily and Carly on a weekend getaway

When Carly began to hang out with Lily she had no idea of Lily's wealth. Lily living modestly, wanted to get somebody that wants her for her and not for money. Carly fit that bill exactly. The two fell in love eating take out and inexpensive restaurants. It wasn't til after the two committed to one another that Lily snatched Carly on Friday afternoon and took her in a limo to the airport. A private jet awaited them to fly them to a small tropical island. They were taken to a nice villa overlooking the bay. It wasn't till Sunday when they finally decided to get out of bed and enjoy the weather. 
Carly finally asked how she could afford this trip. Lily told her finally, that this was her villa. She usually charters a jet to take her here every other weekend. Since there are so few people on this private island she often never wears a bikini on the beach. 
The two lovers sit out enjoying the sun. Lily brings up the subject of Carly's modeling work for the school. The two discuss the opportunity for Carly to make a huge amount of money for her extraordinary cock. They decide that Lily will mange Carly's career. Lily doesn't mind Carly fucking others, but she can only ejaculate inside Lily and no other. Which is not a big issue since they want to see the money shot. 
Lily begins to kiss Carly and she strokes her cock making her hard, she wants to feel her lover inside her again. Sex near constantly all weekend and Carly still gets hard with little effort. Lily wants Carly to know she's owned now. Carly is Lily's now. Which Carly doesn't mind at all.

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  1. I love these two. Lily's possessiveness over Carly is really hot!