Monday, May 12, 2014

Carly's Weekend with Lily

Senderland Studios recieved a few shots from Lily via email from her tropical island villa. We are not sure how she got them, but we just had to post them. We see Carly doing something incredible! 
Lily told us that Carly showed her that she could lick the tip of her penis. After showing her she could, Lily urged Carly to see if she could suck on her own cock. Carly assured Lily she could, but Lily being a lawyer wanted to see proof. With only a handful of people on the island itself and nobody within 10 miles of Lily's villa, Carly bent forwards and put the tip of her lengthy cock in her own mouth. 
Lily was amazed and so turned on she encouraged Carly to continue. Carly was so sexually turned on by learning the fact that Lily loved her and they are a couple and Lily's hand stroking her rock hard cock while they talked about it, Carly herself was so fucking aroused she kept on giving herself head. She started to stroke her shaft as she sucked on her cock. She could only suck on the first couple inches. 
Lily watched her getting off, the way her hands stroked her cock. The way she moaned and the way her mouth caressed her own cock. We learned later that Carly was so turned on by Lily watching her doing this and the way she felt at the time she felt her orgasm building like no other ever had. 
Lily told us she could actually see Carly's shaft pulse when Carly orgasmed! She watched Carly ejaculate in her own mouth, then pull back as the semen kept shooting out her cock. Carly's hands kept stroking as her whole body trembled. Lily watched her now other half, wearing the semen on her face she craved. 
As Carly swallowed the not so insignificant amount of semen she shot in her mouth, Lily started to lick off of face. Cleaning off her lovers face. 
Lily told us they would be back for classes on Monday. 

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