Monday, May 5, 2014

A Trip to the Dean's Office Conclusion

Stacy sucks and strokes Becky's hard member. She listens to the moans and feels the girl's thrusting into her mouth. Then she hears a gasp and feels a shudder as Becky's shaft begins to pulse. Stacy feels the first blast of hot semen shoot into the back of her throat quickly followed by another. Stacy quickly opens her mouth still stroking the throbbing dick. 
Stacy quickly realizes that this girl is ejaculating more semen than she thought possible. Spurt after spurt of the baby batter fills her mouth and hits her face as she strokes. Finally after what seemed like a pint of sperm, Becky begins to go limp and sighs in total release. Looking up at Becky she plays with the inhumanly large amount of semen in her mouth with her tongue before swallowing every bit of it. Stacy noticed a unusually sweet taste, not the salty glob normal to semen. 
Becky looks down seeing her Dean swallowing her goo. OMG she even uses her finger to wipe the mess off her face and swallows that too! It's been a while since shes had sex with somebody new. 
After a short period of after sex bliss, Dean Feldman finishes reprimanding the girls. "You have convinced me to let you two have another chance." States Dean Feldman. 
"OK Girls, you have to shape up! You can't be doing those things that got you sent here anymore. You are now on Double Secret Probation until the end of the year. Any more bad behavior and I might not be able to save your positions in this school. Do you two understand me?" berates Dean Feldman. " Yes we understand" replies the Twins. "I'm going to check in with you two on a biweekly schedule. Every other Friday after last period you both will come here to this office and we will, umm discuss your progress." Says Dean Feldman. " Go get dressed and head back to your dorms and wash up, you both smell like pussy!"