Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Trip to the Dean's Office 3

Stacy lays on the rug and pulls Bonnie  on her face. She begins to lick her wet swollen pussy. Her juices begin to trickle down Stacy's cheeks as she rides her face. Reaching down she begins to rub her own pulsing clit. Dean Feldman loves the smell of this young pussy, so eager to be pleasured. 
Becky feeling a bit left out stands next to Bonnie and pushes her cock into her sisters face. 
Becky holds the base of her cock and guides it to Bonnie's mouth. Bonnie being a good sister, begins to suck on it. Sucking on it getting her sister hard as she cries out from her own pleasure. Dean feldman knows her way around a pussy for sure. Bonnie feels her first orgasm as Becky forces her penis in her mouth. 
Bonnie soon stands and retrieves the chair and Dean Feldman sits back into it opening her legs. Her face is covered in Bonnie's orgasmic juices. Becky moves in to have her turn at Dean Feldman. Her cock rock hard from her sisters special attention. Becky holds Dean Feldman's legs open as she slides herself in. She slides in so easily, Dean Feldman is so wet and so very tight!
Stacy leans back as this cock wielding girl penetrates her. She can't help but moan as that big thick dick fills her for the first time in years. Her ex husband was not even close to being this big. As Becky holds her legs open and thrusts she lets loose and feels that tremendous orgasm wash over her. Oh Lord it's been too long she thinks.
" Fuck me hard you little dirty bitch! If your going to stay you had better fuck me like you have fucked no other! Use that huge cock of yours to keep your sister and you in this school!" growled Stacy.
More to come....

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  1. Well done. Love seeing a woman submit to futa cock :')