Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Trip to the Dean's Office 2

  Stacy feels her blouse open and hands on her breasts. She turns her head and starts kissing Bonnie. this little girl is fucking amazing. Her sister Becky plays with her nipples, how she know she's super sensitive. She moans louder. Bonnie keeps her hand on Becky's tit. Like she would sstop touching it. they are young and perky and firm. 

Bonnie pushes Dean Feldman's chair back and reaches up and removes her skirt and panties. Becky finishes removing her blouse. Bonnie has her own school uniform off in a blink. While Becky's skirt drops limp to the floor. Stacy Feldman reaches over and takes a handful of Becky's cock. Slowly she begins to play with it. She spreads her legs for what she wants right now. Bonnie moves in and slowly begins to eat Dean Feldman's wet pussy. 
 Bonnie sucks on those swollen lips, flicking that growing clit with her tongue. She smells that sweet musky scent of Dean Feldman's snatch. It is so fucking wet, fuck she is so enjoying this. Making the Dean squirm in her chair. Dean Feldman only half heartedly strokes Becky as she is fulling into this student eating her pussy.
 After only a few minutes Stacy cries out racked with her first orgasm in years! Her whole body is alight with tingling. Like a good little girl Bonnie licks up all the mess, yet she doesn't stop there. She keeps going taking Dean Feldman into a new level of pleasure.
More to come...

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  1. Things are heating up. Lemme know if you got that message I sent you.