Thursday, March 13, 2014

Personal update

  Hey everyone, I've got several more strips in the pipline. I just wish I had super rendering machines like some of those other artists. I do have two rendering machines dedicated to rendering and the laptop I use to create my works. Every spare moment those machines are hard at work.
  I do tend to get side tracked with other strips and ideas I come up with and before long I got 3 new strips planned. then I think I need to do some single frame shots. Then I think I need to finish my current strips. I seem not to be one cut out for single frame pin ups. I like doing my series. I'm still learning to get my renders better. Self taught learning is slower than IRS giving back my money. Any good tips from experienced artists out there is welcome.
 Well I'm rambling so....Check back in soon for a new series I'm putting the final renders to bed.


  1. i wish I could help you out but it looks like you're using Luxrender which is better than what I use. You've got a great story going. I would encourage you to play around sculpting different faces. I cannot tell you how many 3dx artists use the default Victoria or Stephanie faces. It's ridiculous.

    1. Your so right on using stock faces. I'll look into creating some. Thanks for the Kind words. And ya, using Lux. I don't have the extra money to finance a Octane rendering monster nor buy it.