Thursday, March 13, 2014

Name: Stacy Theresa Feldman
Age: 35
Status: Divorced
Occupation: Rose Hills Academy for Girls Dean of Students.
Bio: Stacy married early and divorced shortly there after. She had one daughter before the husband left her saying he didn't want a family. Her Daughter Tracy has never met her father, he left before she was born.
  Stacy was lucky to have parents that helped and allowed her to remain in school. She earned a Masters in Business and a PhD in Education. Stacy is a former student of Rose Hills. After Graduation of College she took a job at a small college in a different part of the country. She became Assist Dean in only a few years. Then she was contacted by a former administrator of Rose Hills about applying for the open Deans position. She did and she was hired. The Board of Trustees loved getting a former student to run the school. Stacy's daughter Tracy now attends Rose Hills.
   Stacy has taken control and straightened out the mess the former Dean made of the school's fiances. The building were not maintained nor was the grounds. Stacy had to find ways of bringing in more income to fill the budgets. She has also brought in several former students as administrators to help her out.
  The school now is slowly beginning to see more revenues being created by the staff and students. Many clubs have began including the Multimedia/computer club. They have adopted a few new ways of fundraising. The first of many was the Staff Calendar's annual sales. Sold to wealthy patrons, the Calender features the Staff including the Dean Feldman topless and/or nude. Needless to say it was a huge hit and sales never slowed til the next year. Most of the staff volunteer to pose in it. They have videos and other things for sale to the wealthy patrons, bringing in much needed funds for the students.

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