Monday, March 10, 2014

  Lily slips Carly and herself into the staff spa an hour before it opens. Lily wanted to be alone with Carly to talk about things. The spa is nude friendly so the girls lay out by the pool. Lily and Carly are getting close, they talk all the time on the phone and hang out constantly together. Lily is very self conscious about her body, thinking it's not good enough for Carly. Carly's so well hung she thinks she would want a big breasted woman. Yet Carly wants to be with Lily and is thrilled at being alone here at the spa.
  Carly gets nervous at being naked in public. Not all the staff know about her large cock, but the rumors are spreading fast. Carly no longer fears the talking. The Dean knows about it, so she doesn't fear about being fired. In fact it is a relief, knowing everyone is aware so she doesn't have to hide it anymore. She's proud of having a gifted 14 inches, knowing she impress any person trying to make her feel ostracized for being born with a penis. Carly happly strips down and catches a bit of fall sunlight.

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