Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lily nervously slips off her panties, they are soaking wet. She's never done this type of thing before. She had only planned on watching, but when she straddled Kimberly's face and felt that wet tongue flick over her clit she moaned in Ecstasy. Oh Fuck! This feels so good, Lily starts moving her hips to the pleasure.
 Carly watching this strokes her cock and in no time at all its fully erect. Kimberly opens her legs and gives access to that tight wet hot treasure. Carly rubs her cock head up and down those wet lips then slowly slides her huge cock into that tight love glove. Carly gets a strange thrill watching Lily pleasured.
 Lily lays back on the table enjoying the pleasures. Kimberly going to town on her. Carly holding Kimberly's hips thrusts in hard and fast. That tight sleeve making it incredibly hard not to cum. Carly watches as Kimberly makes Lily cum over and over.
 Lily reaches down  holding Kimberly's head as she feels the most explosive orgasm she's yet had building fast...OMG Carly's watching her, and she's getting off harder knowing that.

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