Monday, February 3, 2014

April climbs on her sister, feeling that huge schlong slip easly back inside her. Carly holds on to her sister's hips as her mega cock slips back inside that tight wet pussy. Carly's hips thrust faster jackhammering April's pussy. Hearing the moans from April and actually feeling her vigina pulse and quiver as she orgasms. Carly still feels that odd sensation in her penis. She actually feels it growing more. What's going on? Why is her cock getting so big?

Spooning April, Carly can feel the pleasure building. She notices that her cock doesn't seem to be going as far in as before yet she still feels April's cervix on each thrust. April's body feels like Jello. letting Carly do what she wants just so long as she gets her orgasms.
" Fuck my pussy like you own it! That's it, claim my cunt for your own!" moans April.
" I want to cum on your tits, lay on your back" pants Carly. 

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