Thursday, January 16, 2014

  Just a little update, Carly got an update so she looks much better I think. I was working on a little comic strip about Carly's life. It seems now I have to reshoot nearly all of what I had done. I want to new version not the old one. I do have all the scenes alrady done so I just have to insert the new Carly. I think your going to like it. 
  I've got Bio's and some Bio pictures coming soon, well as soon as the rendering finishes. I don't have the monster machines to produce frames quickly. LuxRender takes a LOT of time to complete. I'm chugging away at it and some frames will appear here soon. I'll be posting a few on Deviant Art as well, but the complete works will be posted on my blog. 
 I'm just a hobbiest so I do it in my spare time cause I work 40+ hours a week. I an not a professional but I aspire to the heights of Artists like Epoch and Blackadder to name a couple.
 I hope to be able to make a couple render machine dedicated to Lux soon...

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