Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's April Green's birthday. She and her little sister Carly head out to the local pub to grab some drinks. The girls have been drinking wine and shots all night and are getting more than a bit drunk. It's getting near closing time and there is only one other patron in the bar along with the bartender. They are getting ready to head home they are just waiting on the taxi.
 This is not an ordinary drunking haze they are working on. They don't know it, but the bartender's brother is a pharmaceutical reasearcher at a big drug company. He has been giving his sister some experimental drugs ment to lower inhabitions and stimulate the sexual organs and intensify a person's orgasms. They have worked great in the past. This time he gave her some more powerful ones, but told her not to take them yet till he got back some research papers on the side effects. She decided to give the drugs to the girls as a birthday gift wanting them to get laid tonight, but alas the bar was slow and few patrons came in.
 The drug's effects increased when used with booze. The Green's have been drinking all day and the effects seem to be taking affect. They are all giggling and happy. Then the bartender's cell phone rings.....
  " We should be getting home" slurs April.
 "I called a taxi, it will be here shortly." replies Carly in just a little less of a slurred manner. "If there is anything I can get you for your birthday just ask, Sis."
 April looks at her sister in a very different way. Really noticing how cute she is. She feels a strange euphoria and a desire to be near Carly. Her heart begins to pound in her chest and she feels tingling all over her body....

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